We are „Pavučina“ („spider web“ in English). We are the Network of Environmental Education Centres in the Czech Republic.

Pavučina arose from the need of deeper cooperation. It was founded by 8 organizations in 1996. Today, there are almost 50 member organizations.


What holds us together?

  • We advocate the environmental education nationwide and its irreplaceable role in education, sustainable development and environmental protection.

  • We set the guidelines for excellence in environmental education and help each other to fulfil them.

  • We learn from each other, exchange experience and information and go through professional development together.

  • We support each other as a community sharing the same goals and values.

  • We organize joint national projects and programs considered too big for individual member organizations.





Our joint accomplishments in a year

201 233 children in one-day environmental education programs

1 775 children in a week-longresidential programs

10 957 children in 32 long-term projects and programs

11 177 teachers in one-day educational events

133 teachers on 7 residential educational programs

102 publications for environmental education and awareness raising

580 622 participants involved altogether in all the events of Pavučina members